The golden hour at Mount Sinai

This week’s photo challenge is about “The Golden Hour”.

I always wanted to see the sunrise at Mount Sinai. Luckily, a few years ago my sister and brother-in-law, who were living in Egypt at the time, arranged this trip for us.

Mount Sinai is a 2,285-metre (7,497 ft) high mountain near ancient Saint Catherine monastery in the Sinai region. It is next to Mount St. Catherine (at 2,629 m or 8,625 ft, the highest peak in Egypt).[3]

Climbing Mount Sinai is the main object for most visitors  to Sinai Moses Mountain. You have two choices for getting around and climbing the mountain: on foot, or by camel. We chose the beast to help us on our conquest.

Both paths lead to natural amphitheater known as Elijah’s Hollow or the Seven Elders of Israel, where you’ll find a tea house for a break. From there, it’s a final 750 steps (30 minutes) to reach the summit.


Pre-dawn twilight on Mount Sinai.


It is very cold up there on the vista point and folks are standing bundled up in their jackets and blankets. There are hushed conversations and tourists are eagerly awaiting the sunrise.


The golden hour

The golden hour

Some surrounding mountain peaks lit up by the sunrise.

Surrounding mountain peaks lit up by the sunrise.

St. Catherine's Monastery

The radiant St. Catherine’s Monastery upon our descent from Mount Sinai.

I believe that the true golden hours for majority of us lie between “sunrise and sunset” each day. It is up to each one of us to make them beautiful by good and positive thoughts, kind words and good deeds to the best of our abilities.

In a lighter vein, if someone works the night shift their golden hours may be from sunset to sunrise.

How do you add meaning to your golden hour/ golden hours? I would love to hear back from you.

Thank you for your visit.


14 thoughts on “The golden hour at Mount Sinai

  1. The sunrise and sunset have always been special to me. As a teen my grandmother and I loved walking on the beach at sunrise …… while my children were very small we always watched the sunset together (my son Sean just mentioned this memory to me last week). As a teacher I loved to watch the sunrise on my way to school…an inspiration for our day together. When I worked late hours the children loved going to the window and seeing the sunset for a few minutes. As a grandparent our young grandson loved watching the sunset together. He would tell “God” and the animals goodnight. I’ve always found these times lovely, just to slow down a few minutes and to appreciate the beauty of our mother Earth and our lives. Just time to breath…..

    • Thank you for sharing your memories about your “Golden hours”. You said it right about how these times can be lovely just by slowing down and appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth and what our life has to offer. Your example is truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Johanna,
      IMHO, the wonders of every sunrise are beyond the images of the rising sun. I am glad you recognized why I included the pictures of the mountain top. Thanks for your comment, like and visit! All the best to you.

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