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While my name has been pronounced and mispronounced by many I would like to let you know that it is indeed very simple to say my name.
My first name is CHAR-OO. CHAR is pronounced like the char in charbroiled burgers and the OO is pronounced as the word Kangaroo.
What does Charu mean? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charu

I was born and raised in India. I moved to the United States on a cold snowy day in February 1992 to be united with my sweetheart. I have lived the first half of my life in India and the second half in the US. I am a proud mother of a twelve-year old. I became an avid reader in the last decade and love to travel and watch movies. I enjoy cooking to nourish my family and our friends. We have a small vegetable garden in our backyard where I try to grow herbs and tomatoes every summer.

‘There is but one temple in the Universe, says the devout Novalis, and that is the human body.  Nothing is holier than that high form.  We touch heaven when we lay our hand on the human body.’   – Thomas Carlyle

I am a  Licensed Physical therapist and practiced as a therapist for the last seventeen years in the United States and three years in India. In my profession I came across many “temples” in different sizes, colors, ages and genders. Unfortunately they were broken when I had to work on them. Sometimes the damage was very extensive and it took a long time to repair them and it was my job to help the owner recover his or her temple. While working with different folks I realized that the feelings of pain, sadness, anger, guilt, happiness, pride, joy, love are the same.
From being disabled to again being able-bodied instilled the same happiness and pride in a seven-year old or a ninety year old. When I worked with people most times I had to only remind them that their inability to do a task was only temporary and they are in charge of changing their physical status to being able to do the said task. I owe my success as a therapist to the thousands of temple owners who did their part in the healing to recover and rehabilitate.
Recently I met a centenarian and although my memory had failed me, the gentleman who was my patient reminded me that I had worked with him. This happens many times when people stop and ask me if I am Cheru (sic) the therapist. I feel truly grateful that people remember me for the difference I made in their lives.
I love to meet  people and embrace goodness in every human being. Over the years I have realized though that life is too short and I try to avoid people who vex my spirit. I have found true beauty in simplicity but find it difficult to make things simple in this chaotic life. These musings are an effort to share what I see “simply” in this beautiful world.

41 thoughts on “About me

  1. I loved how you talked about your understanding of bodies as temples, how you discussed your work in relation to this belief and the quote you shared, and then how you tied it into finding the good in people and the beauty in the simple. Thanks for letting us all get to know you a little better, Charu!

    • They say better late than never. I realized today I never replied to this comment Angela. I may have on Facebook and therefore not here on the blog post. I apologize for this error. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. Peace, Love and Prosper- Charu

  2. Thanks for liking my post on my photography website earlier today. I moved from France to the US just a year after you did and in a few years, I too will have had spent as many years here as I did in my native country. Quite an interesting journey, to say the least.

    • Dear Perfecting Motherhood,
      Thanks for following my blog. I like the way you have described yourself as a imperfect mom. Is there something as “perfect” in this world? I have enjoyed reading about your journey with the daily cow. I am glad our paths crossed.
      All the very best to you!

    • Thank you!
      I liked your post on how you see things in the WP weekly photo challenge because I saw hope in the midst of darkness. Nice job with the flower on the dry cracked earth. That was a very powerful statement.

  3. You have such a positive outlook on life and the fact that you always embrace goodness in everybody you meet is such a wonderful trait! Looking forward to experiencing the beauty of this world with you!

  4. Hi Janaline,
    Thank you! Welcome to my blog. I love to travel and we share that in common. I noticed that you have a lovely blog and plenty of adventures in your portfolio and I look forward to reading about them. Best wishes –

  5. Hello Charu – so nice to make your acquaintance. Isn’t it amazing how an intact body helps to keep the whole person healthy. I am so glad that you have been able to help people use their bodies again. I know when I have something wrong physically, I won’t rest until it’s whole again (had a frozen shoulder and a very good PT who helped me with it).
    I was immediately drawn to those beautiful nature images from Nova Scotia – love the idea of the red chair. It invites people to stop, sit, look, absorb, ponder – instead of continuing to run or drive around to see “more” and take pics with themselves in the foreground.
    Just one question – how do you stand the long winters in Canada, after coming from India?

    • Hello Annette – I am glad you stopped by and it has led me to your blog. I agree, a healthy mind and body helps to keep the whole person healthy.
      I am so glad you enjoyed the posts with images from Nova Scotia.
      I have lived in the Midwest in the US for the last twenty + years now. Winters are long. I suppose, I have acclimatized over the years. This is home now :).
      Thanks Annette for your comment and especially so for taking the time to write to me..

  6. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for coming to my blog today. I have admiration for you to be so strng and start over from I think India to USA. Congrats on being a mother and raising a great child too. We need an update too.

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