My daughter was about 5 years old when she made this simple brooch for me on Valentine’s Day at school. I treasure the memory of her small hands making this jewellery for me. Every Valentine’s Day, I proudly wear this accessory. Thank you sweetheart!

My Treasure

My Treasure

This is my entry for the photo challenge Treasure.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Enjoy your weekend!



I noticed this water fountain after security check at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

The object of this water fountain is to help us refill our water bottles saving our money and the planet: one bottle at a time.

Check out the display in green on the right side of the water fountain that tells us the number of water bottles saved.

What a neat idea!

Thanks for stopping by and have  great weekend!


Photo challenge: Windows.

Last summer, we visited Fortress Louisbourg in Canada and experienced life in an 18th century fortress on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

We toured the house of a French officer and as we were leaving, a maid popped her head out of the window.

"Servant girl" at the window.

Fortress staff/volunteer dressed as a “servant girl” at the window.

We were surprised to see her by the window. She started whispering, “I have come to get a breath of fresh air. My mistress works me very hard and if she hears my voice, I am sure she will have more chores for me to do. But right now, the master and mistress are gone for a walk.”

The servant girl pointed my attention to a plain neck chain she wore, with a pendant that had a fleur de lis design on it. This piece of jewelry distinguished her as a servant, versus a slave of the household.

It was amazing to see her dressed appropriately for her role as an 18th century servant.

Hush! I hear the Master and Mistress coming….P1060885

Debt of Gratitude

I wake up, have a cup of tea and a warm breakfast,
you probably are crouched on your hands with a gaze steadfast.

Warm showers, clean clothes and a mirror to myself,
for you, image is beyond the mirror wherever you are sent.

My family leaves for school and work, will they will follow the course today?
Wherever you are serving, such thoughts may cause your attention to stray.

I stand in line at the grocery store and I am ancy as I wait for my turn,
but kneeling, crouching, standing for hours, your patience never perturbs.

Scrumptious food at the dining table that we savor,
a comfortable spot, MRE (ready to eat meal) and you are contented to devour.

Sleeping in my cozy bed, to warm up my toes I reach for a blanket,
you sleep when you can, in the dirt, in between mortar attacks and rockets.

I complain of the weather be it raining, hot, cold or sultry,
you rough it out through the seasons because it is your duty.

I pen my thoughts on paper or I express them in person,
you follow the commands as you work to preserve our nation.

I salute today and thank our veterans,
who give us the joys that we take for granted in everyday freedom.

Hue of You

This week’s photo challenge is The Hue of You.

I like all colors. I like how they add gaiety to our world. It is hard to imagine a world without colors. I love this picture that I had taken on a recent visit  (June 2013) to Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The colors in this picture are so inviting, especially the red chair. It invited me to sit, rest and absorb the scenery in my mind’s eye. I read later at the gift shop that these chairs  were placed strategically by Parks Canada as a part of a challenge.


The Red Chair Challenge
Ten red chairs. Ten breathtaking locations. You.

Don’t just do something…sit there!

This challenge is an invitation to savour the views of our absolute favourite places in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Go and find them!

We found only two out of the ten red chairs and they were right!!!

Here is a song from one of my favorite singers to remind and inspire you of this wonderful world. Have a great upcoming weekend!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Scan 7

I still remember the day I took this picture. My daughter was three and a half years old. We were visiting family in India in the month of December. Every morning my mother and I would walk to the neighborhood park with my daughter. I would stand behind her and push the swing to help her go higher and higher. Sometimes I would say to my daughter “Push with your legs, you can do it, sweetheart” and my mother would remind me to enjoy while it lasted.  My mom was right, since in the next few months my daughter was able to independently swing higher and higher.

Childhood is fleeting. It’s sad that it passes quickly, so does life. Enjoying every moment in the present is the key to happiness.