Azaleas in full bloom.

This is an Azalea bush in full bloom in spring in front of our home.


As the weather warmed up the flowers withered and I could only see their frayed ends.

But wait, someone thought this would make a lovely home.

Mother Robin had made a nest.

Mother Robin had made a nest.

In the frayed azalea, blooms life.

Amongst the frayed azalea flowers, life bloomed in a different form.

Welcome to the world, little one!



(of a fabric, rope, or cord) unravel or become worn at the edge, typically through constant rubbing.




Capture a silhouette.

Photography is all about experimenting with light, and then positioning yourself (or your subject) in the right spot to achieve a certain effect. One such effect is a silhouette, in which an outline of someone or something appears dark against a lighter background. Silhouettes can be very dramatic and resemble black shapes without any details, but the effect varies from picture to picture.

Here are some visual treats from Egypt.


Pompey’s Pillar, Alexandria, Egypt.


Pyramids of Giza: Take one


Pyramids of Giza: Take two


The Great Sphinx of Giza

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Between the Buns


P1060520For this week’s photo challenge, I present the McLobster sandwich that we discovered when traveling through Maritimes in Canada. In between the buns is succulent lobster meat combined with celery, green onions, and light mayonnaise-style sauce with a hint of lemon, on top of a bed of shredded lettuce.P1060518

I don’t  do sea food and my favorite sandwich is with peanut butter and strawberry jam. What is your favorite sandwich?

It will be fun to know if McDonald’s serves anything different and unique in between the buns in your part of the world.

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I noticed this water fountain after security check at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

The object of this water fountain is to help us refill our water bottles saving our money and the planet: one bottle at a time.

Check out the display in green on the right side of the water fountain that tells us the number of water bottles saved.

What a neat idea!

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Out of focus

Cosmos: Out of focus

I was initially upset about how out of focus this picture was. However, I chose not to delete or dwell on the bad picture, instead looked at my camera, readjusted the lens and took another picture and the result surprised me.


Cosmos: Notice the small insect on the leaf on the top.

 I had captured a small and beautiful flying insect along with the flower.

 We can apply the same principle in life. When things don’t go right, don’t get disheartened, remember to take a step back and focus on a new image that you can capture. There is more that life has to offer: a second chance, a tomorrow.

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Carefree: is an adjective, it means without anxiety or worry.

When we are children, we want to grow up. When we grow up, we realize that lost pencils and broken toys are better than lost friends and broken hearts.

Most people agree, that childhood is the most carefree season of our lives.

As adults we can achieve this state of mind only if we consciously strive to be carefree. With this post, I want to look at what makes me feel “carefree” in my day-to-day life especially in my kitchen.

I always worried about cooking rice on stove top, since either my rice would be very mushy soft or half boiled. This was until last year and we got a rice cooker. Now I have each grain of rice distinct and not mushy. Yeah!

The Rice cooker!

The Rice cooker!

I think knowing that my dishwasher is working, also gives me a great sense of relief.

What helps you to feel carefree in your daily life? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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It is harvest time!


The nice red ‘plum’ tomatoes, the ‘big boy’ and the ‘yellow’ tomatoes that are less acidic are all harvested and washed clean.

plus sign

Fresh basil, I wish I could share the fragrance with you.

Fresh basil, I wish I could share the fragrance with you.

equal to

The Math is easy

Homemade marinara sauce

Followed by a delicious bowl of spaghetti!

Followed by a delicious bowl of spaghetti!
Bowl is licked clean :)

Bowl is licked clean 🙂

The photo challenge : Foreshadow

When it is harvest time, I foreshadow ‘labor of love’. The first step is collecting and washing the produce, next sharing the harvest with friends & loved ones, after that looking for tried and tested recipes, and mostly being thankful for all that mother nature gave us this season.

Won’t you share with me how you invest yourself in “labor of love”?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

She sells sea shells by the sea shore: CURVES

Seashells are nostalgic as they bring back memories of my childhood summers wading the Arabian Sea, shelling the beaches and when I hold a conch by my ear the ocean is not too far away. You may click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.

The colorful curves on the flat scallop shells and the curves of clam shells

Curved and colorful beauties found shelling on Sanibel Island in Florida in 2011.

Beautiful curves and colors on these conches found also on Sanibel island.

Beautiful curves and colors adorn these conches collected on Sanibel Island.

In December 2009 we visited the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria, Egypt. Outside the fortress various vendors were selling different souvenirs, shells and conches.


When I laid my eyes on this conch, I was mesmerized by its curves and my fingers stroked and traced each curve. I flipped the conch and it was even more beautiful.

P1050869Next I inherently held the conch against my right ear to hear the ocean. It was loud in the open marketplace; I covered my left ear with my hand and tried to listen very closely. I sure heard the ocean and it brought a huge smile on my face. Then I saw this huge clamshell next to it.


Giant Clamshell that weighs 2 and a half kilos.


Giant Clamshell opened here and used as a centerpiece on the coffee table.


Our coffee table bedecked with these beauties looks quite ornate.

To think each had been a sea creature’s  home. Mother Nature provides beautiful mansions for her children!

These shells play musical chairs in my home and are versatile to decorate with, be it the bathroom, the living room or sunroom.


A clam shell used to store jewelry by my nightstand.


Giant Clamshell used as a coin holder.


This clamshell serves as a roomy soap dish with 5 and 1/2″ X 9 “dimensions.

When you are done admiring the curves on these shells try twisting your tongue, say “she sells sea shells by the sea shore” three times, rapidly. Got you!

PS: Do you collect shells? I would love to know how you use your shells to decorate your home. You can write in the comments below. Thank you!

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Sweet and Savory Escapes: Weekly Photo Challenge

Peanut brittle with jaggery

Peanut brittle with jaggery

"Modak"style pedhas

“Modak”style pedhas

Rava Ladoo with cashews and raisins

Rava Ladoo with cashews and raisins

Anarasa: The dish takes about four days to make and is a rare delicacy.

Almond fudge East Indian style

Almond fudge East Indian style


A middle eastern desert platter with baklawa and the works!

Chicago style deep dish pizza

Chicago style deep dish pizza

Cheesy Nachos

Home made Cheesy Nachos



White cake with strawberry cream filling Yummy!

White cake with strawberry cream filling Yummy!

Homemade Peach Pie

Homemade Peach Pie

Cranberry muffins with sauce and butter on the side

Cranberry muffins with sauce and butter on the side


Homemade thumb print cookies with lemon curd and raspberry jam filling, pecan sandies and Pfeffernüsse cookies.

A visit to Cold stone creamery and this treat disappears in five minutes.

A visit to Cold stone creamery and this treat disappears in five minutes.

Lemon cake

Lemon cake


May 18, 2013 : Why did I choose food as escape for this photo challenge?

Food is an escape for many of us who are depressed, tired, frustrated and feeling inadequate. Personally, I have found comfort in food when I was tired or in pain.

A few  years ago I read ” Stolen Lives” -the story of Malika Oufkir’s turbulent and remarkable life.

On August 16, 1972, Malika’s father was arrested and executed after an attempt to assassinate the king. Malika, her five younger brothers and sisters and her mother were immediately imprisoned in a desert penal colony. During the long imprisonment Malika imagined the foods and feasts that she had experienced in her life before imprisonment which helped her and her siblings survive prison.

We have an estimated 16.7 million children who live in food insecure households in America: one of the most powerful nation’s on earth.

When one cannot afford it , “imagining food”  becomes an escape for the hungry and starving  “have-nots”.

The first four comments were written before this conclusion was added to the article and the two readers/commenters had only seen the food pictures of the escape photo challenge then.