Carefree: is an adjective, it means without anxiety or worry.

When we are children, we want to grow up. When we grow up, we realize that lost pencils and broken toys are better than lost friends and broken hearts.

Most people agree, that childhood is the most carefree season of our lives.

As adults we can achieve this state of mind only if we consciously strive to be carefree. With this post, I want to look at what makes me feel “carefree” in my day-to-day life especially in my kitchen.

I always worried about cooking rice on stove top, since either my rice would be very mushy soft or half boiled. This was until last year and we got a rice cooker. Now I have each grain of rice distinct and not mushy. Yeah!

The Rice cooker!

The Rice cooker!

I think knowing that my dishwasher is working, also gives me a great sense of relief.

What helps you to feel carefree in your daily life? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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