Between the Buns


P1060520For this week’s photo challenge, I present the McLobster sandwich that we discovered when traveling through Maritimes in Canada. In between the buns is succulent lobster meat combined with celery, green onions, and light mayonnaise-style sauce with a hint of lemon, on top of a bed of shredded lettuce.P1060518

I don’t  do sea food and my favorite sandwich is with peanut butter and strawberry jam. What is your favorite sandwich?

It will be fun to know if McDonald’s serves anything different and unique in between the buns in your part of the world.

I am curious to hear from you in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

17 thoughts on “Between the Buns

    • Hello there! My husband said he liked the McLobster, but I am sure you have a lot of other options than fast food on a daily basis.
      We loved visiting the Maritimes and especially the people. Everyone was so nice. 🙂

      • I like fast food every now and then … quite often, actually 😀

        That was what I first noticed also, when we moved here, five years ago — how friendly people are! I love it here..

  1. Oh my, I’ve been wanting to try a lobster sandwich. We don’t have that here in Chicago. How much is a sandwich? I don’t mind paying as long as the meat is real.

    • I believe the sandwich was close to Canadian $6.50+.
      I don’t eat sea food and so I would not know about the meat being real or not. Apparently McDonald’s serves it in Atlantic Canada and New England region in the summer, when lobster is abundant. 🙂

  2. The McDonald’s sandwich is great if you’re not near the coast. Grew up in Maine and haven’t been there for several years.

    • Hope you got your sandwich/seafood fix. 🙂 Do you make apple jelly? I don’t think I have seen it at the grocery stores and if Yes, I hope you can share the recipe in one of your future posts.

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