Extra, Extra

We are visiting Indianapolis this Father’s Day weekend to celebrate Dad.Β  This evening we accidentally discovered a 101- year-old Italian restaurant called “Iaria”. Established in 1913, this restaurant is owned by 4th generation owners Matt Iaria and Carla Russell. IMG_20140613_212354After a sumptuous meal of soup and salad, spinach ravioli and home-style margherita pizza, we did not think we needed to have any extras, but could not resist when our waitress Nikki announced that the tiramisu was homemade.IMG_20140613_200013

This tiramisu was truly extra, extra special.
On our way out we could not resist the sense of humor the owners have when we saw this t-shirt for sale.


This is my ‘entree’ for the photo challenge this week: Extra, Extra

I wish you all an extra, extra-special weekend!



16 thoughts on “Extra, Extra

  1. It felt like we were in a historical place.Their minestrone soup and the Tiramisu was extraordinary. It tasted so different than at other places. I bet the recipes must be from the founders. πŸ™‚

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