I noticed this water fountain after security check at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

The object of this water fountain is to help us refill our water bottles saving our money and the planet: one bottle at a time.

Check out the display in green on the right side of the water fountain that tells us the number of water bottles saved.

What a neat idea!

Thanks for stopping by and haveΒ  great weekend!

14 thoughts on “Object

  1. I drink water from the tap. Chicago water is very safe so there is no point for me to buy bottled water and add to the plastics that is clogging our waterways and filling our landfill.

  2. An interesting idea. Even at public events here, the local water authority will set up stations where you can just fill up your own water bottle for free, or just get a free cup of water. If you answer a few questions about your own home water efficiency they will give you a refillable water bottle.

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