Photo challenge: Windows.

Last summer, we visited Fortress Louisbourg in Canada and experienced life in an 18th century fortress on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

We toured the house of a French officer and as we were leaving, a maid popped her head out of the window.

"Servant girl" at the window.

Fortress staff/volunteer dressed as a “servant girl” at the window.

We were surprised to see her by the window. She started whispering, “I have come to get a breath of fresh air. My mistress works me very hard and if she hears my voice, I am sure she will have more chores for me to do. But right now, the master and mistress are gone for a walk.”

The servant girl pointed my attention to a plain neck chain she wore, with a pendant that had a fleur de lis design on it. This piece of jewelry distinguished her as a servant, versus a slave of the household.

It was amazing to see her dressed appropriately for her role as an 18th century servant.

Hush! I hear the Master and Mistress coming….P1060885


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