A “Thank you” letter

Dear Readers,
I am grateful to you this Thanksgiving!
Yes, I mean You: Thank you for visiting my blog, reading and liking my posts.
I have been blogging for the last eleven months and today I got a notification from word press.

Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on About-One-Thing.

Your current tally is 102.

I am humbled. One hundred.
Whether it is counting your first hundred pennies, earning your first hundred dollars or your first hundred thousand dollars, the number hundred signifies something major, something huge. Am I getting too emotional? OK, to be pragmatic the number 100 signifies the natural number preceding 101 and following 99.

When you liked my post, it led me to your blog and I discovered some very beautiful and creative writing. I have visited blogs where I had to use google translate, to understand the words and at times seen pictures, that are worth more than a thousand words. I have been touched by your comments. I feel like I have friends all over the world.

I am also thankful to all my blog followers on Facebook. I could not have done this without your likes and your support.

Stay warm, play it safe and take the time to do, ‘the one thing that matters most’ to you this holiday season. Remember, if you are happy, your world will be happy.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Peace and Prosper!



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