I laid this red basket on the counter top and was getting ready to work on this photo challenge. The first question my daughter asked, “Are we going on a road trip, Mom”? P1070671 This red basket is a “habit” of mine whenever we go on a road trip. I fill it up with food that we can use to avert hunger pangs which otherwise force us to make junk food stops. It also helps to cut travel time and is definitely easier on the wallet.


I start by laying a Kitchen towel at the base of the basket.


I gather all the foods that we need on the counter top.

I prefer non-messy fruits such as bananas, apples, grapes and dry fruits such as almonds, apricots, raisins and dates. Next I let my family know that they are welcome to add any food of their choice to the above selection.

My daughter added cheese to go with the crackers and next everything goes inside the basket.

My daughter added cheese to go with the crackers and next everything goes inside the basket.

The food basket is ready to go now.

I use one more kitchen towel to cover the bag and Bingo, we are ready to go!

We plan to use the plastic bag from the cheese to collect our trash for this trip. Do you have any habits that you have found useful with your travels?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! Weekly photo challenge: Habit

12 thoughts on “Habit

    • I have found that snacks with higher fiber and water content help fill the belly, so we can keep going a bit longer on a road trip without having to stop.The basket serves as a reminder to pack healthy.:)
      I didn’t know you crochet, Wow!

    • Thanks Milka! I realize packing for family is so difficult and kids do change their minds quickly.
      I purchased this red basket a decade ago during one of my trips to India. It cost me US $3.00 then. It is made out of plastic, lightweight and spills are easy to clean versus traditional picnic baskets made of cane. I have seen many models of baskets similar to this one, but I will not part with this one until it gives out on me because of the travel memory and buying it in a bazaar in the hometown where I grew up.

  1. We take an annual one-week trip to my in-laws. It takes 12 hours to get there and with 2 little ones, we split it over two days. Since we have a one-night hotel stay, I make sure to pack an overnight bag with all we need (jammies, toiletries, undies and change of clothes that are comfy, yet photo worthy for our arrival!) instead of having to lug in all our luggage!
    As for snacks, we pack them in portioned snack size baggies with our initials (kid portions smaller than hubby and my snacks), and we usually include a trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, and a little sweetness), along with the healthy stuff! And since it’s spread over days, we usually include several plastic grocery bags for multi-day trash bags.
    One of the “games” we play is DJ – we take turns (round-robin) picking the next song from our iPod/iPhone and it’s great since we’ll incorporate rock, pop, Christmas, church/VBS, a little of everything : ) That alone will eat up a couple hours!
    Travel safe!

    • Thanks Connie for sharing these wonderful tips that have worked for your family with especially a twelve hour road trip. I like the idea of the small and large portion sized baggies for the adults and kids on the trip and also initialing the bag must help keep track of who the food belongs to.
      The round-robin is a great idea and will be wonderful to include everyone with the music selection our next road trip. It is good to hear from you.

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