Debt of Gratitude

I wake up, have a cup of tea and a warm breakfast,
you probably are crouched on your hands with a gaze steadfast.

Warm showers, clean clothes and a mirror to myself,
for you, image is beyond the mirror wherever you are sent.

My family leaves for school and work, will they will follow the course today?
Wherever you are serving, such thoughts may cause your attention to stray.

I stand in line at the grocery store and I am ancy as I wait for my turn,
but kneeling, crouching, standing for hours, your patience never perturbs.

Scrumptious food at the dining table that we savor,
a comfortable spot, MRE (ready to eat meal) and you are contented to devour.

Sleeping in my cozy bed, to warm up my toes I reach for a blanket,
you sleep when you can, in the dirt, in between mortar attacks and rockets.

I complain of the weather be it raining, hot, cold or sultry,
you rough it out through the seasons because it is your duty.

I pen my thoughts on paper or I express them in person,
you follow the commands as you work to preserve our nation.

I salute today and thank our veterans,
who give us the joys that we take for granted in everyday freedom.


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