Imagine  that you are a bird for the next few minutes. You are used to living in a high-rise that is green in color. The weather had changed recently and the paint was slowly peeling away and the high-rise was now yellow in color. The night before there was a storm and you had flown far away and were unable to return home in time. The next morning you come home only to see this picture.

P1070545It sure would feel eerie, won’t it?  You may feel glad if one of these nests was yours.

Suddenly the prop that I had seen in my neighborhood does not seem eerie at all.


This is my entry for the photo challenge Eerie. Hope you had  a spooktacular Halloween! Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Eerie

    • Thanks Linda! I have seen this particular tree every afternoon when I go for a walk in the park. I have seen the tree green during summer, it turned yellow in late September and last week after a rain storm it suddenly was bare. Other trees in the park were very colorful. The tree looked eerie to me. With no leaves, I noticed the nests for the first time and thought about the birds. coming to their homes.

    • Thank you! WP Post a Day Challenges have helped me look at blogging differently and comments from fellow bloggers like you have encouraged me in this process as a writer. I appreciate you stopping by and giving me your feedback.

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