Hue of You

This week’s photo challenge is The Hue of You.

I like all colors. I like how they add gaiety to our world. It is hard to imagine a world without colors. I love this picture that I had taken on a recent visit  (June 2013) to Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The colors in this picture are so inviting, especially the red chair. It invited me to sit, rest and absorb the scenery in my mind’s eye. I read later at the gift shop that these chairs  were placed strategically by Parks Canada as a part of a challenge.


The Red Chair Challenge
Ten red chairs. Ten breathtaking locations. You.

Don’t just do something…sit there!

This challenge is an invitation to savour the views of our absolute favourite places in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Go and find them!

We found only two out of the ten red chairs and they were right!!!

Here is a song from one of my favorite singers to remind and inspire you of this wonderful world. Have a great upcoming weekend!


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