Infinite: The road to home

This morning as I was driving on my way back home from the grocery store, I had this urge to step out of the car and take some pictures of the infinite sky and the cornfields. So, when I got home and saw the photo challenge: Infinite, I knew I had to post these pictures.
The landscape is not that of oceans, mountains, flowers and trees, but extremely flat lands covered with cornfields that are harvested at this time of the year. When I see this scenery, no matter how “flat” it is, I have a warm feeling in my heart since it is the road that takes me home.
P1070345 P1070344 P1070343 P1070342 P1070339 P1070338 P1070337 P1070336
Here is a fun quote about infinite:

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

Thanks for stopping by and Have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “Infinite: The road to home

    • An important trivia that I would like to share about Prairie lands. The U.S. state of Illinois alone once held over 35,000 square miles (91,000 km2) of prairie land and now just 3 square miles (7.8 km2) of original prairie land exists.(Source:Wikipedia).
      It is good to see efforts for Prairie restoration in Illinois. I am glad you liked my photos and glad they reminded you of Nebraska.Thanks for stopping by.

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