Yucca: One shot, Two ways


This  ornamental shrub sits in my neighbor’s berm and usually looks unremarkable. However this spring the shrub was blooming in all its glory.

The photo challenge: One shot, Two ways

The Yucca shrub

The Yucca shrub

The dramatic blooms of the yucca shrub upclose.

The dramatic blooms of the yucca shrub up close.

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14 thoughts on “Yucca: One shot, Two ways

  1. We have several of those in our front yard. They have beautiful blooms! But, there is a downside to those buggers! The leaves come to a very hard, sharp point. I have the puncture wounds to prove it LOL. One was planted right by the outside power plug and getting to it is life threatening. Beautiful photo here, well done!

    • Thanks! The aura from the yucca shrub covered the entire berm and I could not ignore their invitation calling me to click them. I checked with my neighbor and he laughed saying: “For you today we have a Special Offer, taking photographs of the yucca shrub is free”. LOL.

  2. they’re so pretty. we had one but it was by the air conditioner and didn’t make it. need to get another one for next year.

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