Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Scan 7

I still remember the day I took this picture. My daughter was three and a half years old. We were visiting family in India in the month of December. Every morning my mother and I would walk to the neighborhood park with my daughter. I would stand behind her and push the swing to help her go higher and higher. Sometimes I would say to my daughter “Push with your legs, you can do it, sweetheart” and my mother would remind me to enjoy while it lasted.  My mom was right, since in the next few months my daughter was able to independently swing higher and higher.

Childhood is fleeting. It’s sad that it passes quickly, so does life. Enjoying every moment in the present is the key to happiness.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

    • Thanks:) for your comment and liking this post. Sorry for my delayed reply. Somehow I missed this comment…
      It was hard for me to get a good shot while the swing was in motion. The pictures appeared to be blurry while she was swinging and right when she was ready to disembark the swing I captured this shot. You have the right choice of word there “Careless”. Literally meaning care – less which we forget as we all get older and bog ourselves with unnecessary thoughts and worries. Oh the joys of childhood!

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