A “Green” Conversation Piece

What is a conversation piece?  It is an unusual object that arouses comments or interest.

One busy week, on a relatively “not so busy” day my girlfriends and I decided to get together at my place. When they arrived, I poured a drink for one of them and stuff happened….

I spilled some of the cola on my shirt and had to excuse myself, from my fabulous company and went inside to change. When I returned, my friends were busy looking at this thing and talking, not about me but this “green conversation piece”.

"The Green Conversation piece"

“The Green Conversation piece”

Have you seen this before?  Basically it is an oil and vinegar dispenser, filled up with dish washing liquid. As I said earlier, it was a busy week and I had to clean up before my company arrived and I had forgotten to put this by the kitchen sink where the sponge and brushes are kept.

Sitting by the stove, it was “an unusual object in an unusual place” – so the thing became a conversation piece.

Pros: When washing dishes by hand, you need just enough suds to cover the dish, anything more than that is just excess. If you have environmental concerns, very little soap comes out at a time and you do not waste much dish washing liquid. In the long run maybe it also helps you save some pennies.

Cons: Over a period of time brown spots can settle over the stainless steel part, so you need to wipe that part regularly.

I have enjoyed this green conversation piece thus far. Do you have any such conversation pieces that you would like to share about with me? I would love to hear from you.

Your comments, shares and likes are always welcome.

PS: This is not my original idea. My creative friend, Tina Lazzell recommended this idea to me when the screw cap on my dish washing detergent bottle was not working right. Thanks Tina!


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