Random acts of kindness

Yesterday on our way back from Chicago, what constituted mostly a work trip for my hubby and a spring break for me and our daughter, we stopped at a Taco Bell to pick up dinner. We had the munchies and chose the drive-through to avoid getting back home late at night.

We were two cars away from the pick-up window. After ordering our food, we inched closer to the car in front of us. I saw the driver roll down the window, turn her head and look at us. She was a young African American lady and I could not get more than a flash glimpse of this person. By then she had rolled up her window because it was less than 25 degrees freezing cold out there with the windchill and all. I was in the passenger seat and pointed it to my husband who laughed it away saying he did not see the person and it meant nothing.

It meant nothing until our car pulled up to the pickup window and we were told that our food was paid for. We tried to reason and then all I could remember was what I had read somewhere about “random acts of kindness”. My family was a recipient of one of them.https://i1.wp.com/pub.revival.com/publications/paid_in_full_banner.jpg

I closed my eyes and said “Thank you” to the kind lady who had driven away a long time ago. This happened in Matteson, Illinois and if you read my blog, kind stranger, I personally want to say “Thank you” once again.



8 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness

  1. Very awesome! 10 yrs ago a woman paid for our movie tickets, and this past December right before Christmas i FINALLY paid it forward and took care of this young couple as they were walking in to purchase tickets. I was only 15 when the incident took place, but being the sensitive person I am, I cried lol.

    • Thanks Cathy! I agree this was known as Paying it forward. The concept appears in the novel Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, published in 1957, when the main character Douglas Spaulding is reflecting on his life being saved by Mr. Jonas, the Junkman:

      How do I thank Mr. Jonas, he wondered, for what he’s done? How do I thank him, how pay him back? No way, no way at all. You just can’t pay. What then? What? Pass it on somehow, he thought, pass it on to someone else. Keep the chain moving. Look around, find someone, and pass it on. That was the only way….

      Source: Wikipedia

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