My daughter was about 5 years old when she made this simple brooch for me on Valentine’s Day at school. I treasure the memory of her small hands making this jewellery for me. Every Valentine’s Day, I proudly wear this accessory. Thank you sweetheart!

My Treasure

My Treasure

This is my entry for the photo challenge Treasure.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Enjoy your weekend!




I noticed this water fountain after security check at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

The object of this water fountain is to help us refill our water bottles saving our money and the planet: one bottle at a time.

Check out the display in green on the right side of the water fountain that tells us the number of water bottles saved.

What a neat idea!

Thanks for stopping by and have  great weekend!

Chicle/ Chewing gum

Today after dinner, my husband said that his friend at work, Rick, got him some “original” chewing gum from an area near Campeche, Mexico. It is called chicle.

Rick was very kind to give him a little extra to bring some home to the family. I expected to see something packaged like Wrigley’s chewing gum, maybe with Spanish words on it.

However, it looked like this:


The real gum looks like a large block of taffy.

I cut a small sliver and have been chewing gum for the last fifteen minutes.

I cut a small sliver and have been chewing gum for the last twenty minutes.

What does this gum taste like, you ask?
My answer: it is much like describing what water tastes like; it has no taste of its own. Chicle is neither minty nor sweet, but it still freshened my breath. It is uncorrupted, it is pure, much like what the ancient Maya used to eat.

I am glad Rick got us a piece of the real chewing gum- a taste we would not have ever known. Thank you, Rick!

Did you know, most chewing gum companies have switched from using chicle to butadiene-based synthetic rubber, which is cheaper to manufacture. The only U.S. gum company still using chicle is Glee Gum.

I have never tried Glee gum. Have you? What is you favorite gum brand and flavor? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.



Photo challenge: Windows.

Last summer, we visited Fortress Louisbourg in Canada and experienced life in an 18th century fortress on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

We toured the house of a French officer and as we were leaving, a maid popped her head out of the window.

"Servant girl" at the window.

Fortress staff/volunteer dressed as a “servant girl” at the window.

We were surprised to see her by the window. She started whispering, “I have come to get a breath of fresh air. My mistress works me very hard and if she hears my voice, I am sure she will have more chores for me to do. But right now, the master and mistress are gone for a walk.”

The servant girl pointed my attention to a plain neck chain she wore, with a pendant that had a fleur de lis design on it. This piece of jewelry distinguished her as a servant, versus a slave of the household.

It was amazing to see her dressed appropriately for her role as an 18th century servant.

Hush! I hear the Master and Mistress coming….P1060885

How to make SMART resolutions

its-about one thing:

I started blogging approximately one year ago and this was my very first post. New Year’s Day is a great time to make resolutions, however you can stick to your resolutions past April if they are “SMART”. I invite you to read about how to make smart resolutions as I re-blog this post.
Happy New Year everyone!

Originally posted on About-One-Thing:

When we talk about New Year, we talk about Resolutions. New Year signifies new beginnings, and encourages us to get rid of the old and embrace new ideas.
How many of you have made new year resolutions in the past only to fail? Thank you for being honest. I have been there, done that..

Albert Einstein has defined Insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This year I decided to put a stop to this insanity of new years resolutions by using this abstract concept of SMART to define my own SMART Resolutions.
Being a Physical therapist I have always set up short-term and long-term goals for my patients using the acronym SMART. All I had to do this year was to define my resolutions in a SMART fashion.

My resolution this year is to become tech savvy. This is a very general…

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Let there be light

Holidays were extra special for us in December 2011 when I visited the Magic Kingdom in Florida with my family. I was able to capture some of the lights, but I will leave it up to you to imagine how Mickey and Minnie party during the holidays.

This is my entry for the weekly photo challenge: Let there be lights.


A picture postcard sign lights up the sky.


Rows of colorful lights adorn many buildings.


Dashing through the ….


Beautiful angels are closer than you think!


The silhouette of a tourist taking pictures of the lights, or are they taking a picture of Mickey Mouse?


Cinderella’s castle lit up in blue.

Cinderella castle is lit up pink.

Cinderella’s castle lit up in pink.


A picture postcard scenery saying Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Have a great weekend!